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Freestyle Academy, Boracay, The Philippines          


Our friends at Freestyle Academy on Boracay Island in the Philippines provide not only excellent instruction for kiteboarders of all levels but a fantastic setting to do so. Boracay is known for its crystal clear waist high waters and consistent winds to provide all the ingredients for a superb kiteboarding playground.


Freestyle Academy is a kitesurfing center that can cater to all your needs, and where you gain a family on Boracay that you can always come home to. They teach using only the latest and safest equipment and all their instructors are IKO qualified, basing their kitesurfing lessons on IKO standards.

Freestyle Academy has two schools located in the Philippines, Boracay Island and Union Beach. Boracay is known as the best kitesurfing spot in Asia and Union Beach is a newly discovered location, 10 minutes away from Boracay Airport!


Freestyle Academy is owned and run by the Philippines’ number one rider and Boracay local Ken Nacor, who oversees all of the kitesurfing lessons and, drawing from his own experience, makes sure that everything runs smoothly and that the students enjoy themselves and have a productive lesson.

No matter what level kiteboarder you are, there is something fun for you, your friends and your family, from learning to use the trainer kite to pulling off the most advanced stunts and tricks.

 New Kiteschool and Windsurfschool Sri Lanka


The DE SILVA´s KiteResortKalpitiya is located at the Kalpitiya peninsula, surrounded by the very natural and original North-West-Coast of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya was a hidden place for the past 30 years and now its being recognized as one of the best places for Kiteboarding and Windsurfing!


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