It would be an understatement to say that Chris loves watersports.  Since the young age of 13, Chris has been sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, surfing, and, of course, kiteboarding his way through the various waters of the world.  His love affair with kiteboarding first started in Boracay, The Philippines when he was talked into putting down his windsurfer and picking up a trainer kite.  Two days later, he was kiteboarding down Bulabog beach with a huge smile on his face.  Chris was lucky enough to spend two years of his life living in Perth, Western Australia, where the winds are phenomenal. 

The idea for The Kiteboarding Outlet came to him after years of frustration with the prices for gear and his wish to make the sport more accessible to everyone.  He founded The Kiteboarding Outlet in 2011 after moving to Hong Kong to be close to the manufacturers, in order to cut out any unnecessary costs for the customer.

Now The Kiteboarding Outlet offers top kiteboarding brands internationally with a focus to expand further over the coming years.  Our priority is offer the most completive prices coupled with fast and free international shipping.  We also aim to promote the sport of kiteboarding, our one love and passion.

Our location in Hong Kong allows us to have direct access to the factories where most of the kites are manufactured, thus reducing the shipping costs so we can pass on as savings to our customers.